PhD_ no have (too dumb)

MA_  Audiovisual Arts, Luca School of Arts Brussels, Belgium (earned in 2002)

BA_  Audiovisual Arts, Luca School of Arts Brussels, Belgium (earned in 1999) 

EXHIBITIONS/SCREENINGS  (*in competition, **award)

[film festival:ff, art festival:af, film screening:fs, group exhibition:ge, solo exhibition:se]
2021_ [ff] Minikino Film Week, Indonesia
2021_ [ff] Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, Russia

2021_ [ge] INSOMNIA, Pylon-Lab Dresden / Tick Tack Gallery Antwerp, Germany / Belgium

2021_ [ff] ABIFF- Animation Bucharest International Film Festival, Romania

2021_ [ff] Sole Luna Doc Film Festival, Italy*

2021_ [ge] Non-syntax Exp. Image Festival, CALM & PUNK Gallery Tokyo, Japan

2021_ [af] Kino pleme / Live Soundtrack, Serbia

2021_ [ff] Festival Internacional de Cinema de Itabaiana, Brazil*

2021_ [ff] IMPACTE! Human Rights Film Festival of Catalonia, Spain

2021_ [af] Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Louvre auditorium Paris, France

2021_ [ff] Brussels Independent Film Festival, Belgium

2021_ [ff] Stuttgarter Filmwinter- festival for expanded media, Germany*

2020_ [af] Interface Video Art Festival, Croatia

2020_ [ff] Beijing International Short Film Festival, China

2020_ [ff] ICONA Animation Film Festival, Greece*

2020_ [ff] New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, Japan*

2020_ [ff] Jean Rouch International Film Festival, Musée de l’Homme Paris, France*

2020_ [ff] Message to Man International Film Festival. Russia*

2020_ [ff] Obskuur Ghent Film Festival, Alfred Sküll Art Gallery, Belgium

2020_ [ff] Engauge Experimental Film Festival, USA

2020_ [ff] Slow Film Festival, UK

2020_ [ff] Pacific Meridian Vladivostok Film Festival, Russia

2020_ [ff] Lima Alterna Festival Internacional de Cine, Peru*

2020_ [ff] Videoex Experimental Film and Video Festival, Switzerland*

2020_ [ff] DOBRA- Festival Int. de Cinema Exp, Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2020_ [ff] Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, Ukraine

2020_ [ge] Inqrvention -Expo Intervenção Artística Urbana, various locations, Brazil

2020_ [ge] Pantallo Rota / Broken Screen exhibitions, various locations, Argentina

2020_ [ff] Minikino Film Week, Indonesia

2020_ [ff] SeaShorts Film Festival, Malaysia

2020_ [ff] The Globe International Silent Film Festival, USA*

2020_ [ff] Liberation Docfest, Bangladesh

2020_ [ff] Experiments in Cinema v15.1, USA

2020_ [ff] Ethnocineca, Weltmuseum Wien, Austria

2020_ [fs] Centre for Experimental Film Beijing, China

2020_ [fs] Istanbul Experimental Screening Room, Turkey

2020_ [ff] Muestra de Cine Experimental y de Animación, Puerto Rico

2020_ [af] Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Louvre auditorium Paris, France

2020_ [ff] IFFR -International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands

2020_ [ff] Images de Justice Film Festival, France*

2020_ [ff] Nomadica, Spazio Menomale Bologna, Italy

2019_ [ff] Alternative Film/ Video Festival, Serbia*

2019_ [ff] Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, Turkey**

2019_ [ff] Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Germany

2019_ [ff] Facade Video Festival, Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2019_ [af] UnderTheCounterCulture, tactileBOSCH Cardiff, UK

2019_ [ff] Image Forum Festival, Japan**

2019_ [ff] Corto Dorico, Italy*

2019_ [ge] 刹那即永恒- One Minute is Eternal, Power Station of Art Shanghai, China

2019_ [ff] DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, S.-Korea*

2019_ [ff] Split International Festival of New Film, Croatia*

2019_ [ff] European Film Festival Palić, Serbia

2019_ [ff] Jeonju International Film Festival, S.-Korea

2019_ [ff] International Film Festival Oberhausen, 旧写真 - Old Images program, Germany

2019_ [ff] Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay, Cinemateca Uruguaya, Uruguay

2019_ [ff] IFFR -International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands*

2019_ [ff] Festival Cine Animal Bogota, Colombia**

2019_ [fs] IFFR Unleashed VOD, Global

2018_ [fs] Tënk SVOD, FR/ BE/ LU/ CH

2018_ [fs] Welt Museum Wien, Austria

2018_ [ff] Festiwol, Belgium

2018_ [fs] FINCA traveling exhibitions, Argentina

2018_ [ff] Festival Internacional de Cine Ambiental, Argentina

2018_ [ff] Ethnocineca, Weltmuseum Wien, Austria*

2018_ [ff] International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec, Canada

2018_ [ff] Festival Internacional de Cine Silente, Mexico**

2018_ [ff] Les inattendus, Chromatique Lyon, France

2018_ [fs] La Fabrique culturelle - Tele-Quebec, Canada

2017_ [ff] Festival Film Dokumenter, Indonesia

2017_ [ff] Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, Indonesia

2017_ [ff] FriCine -Nova Friburgo, Brazil*

2017_ [ff] RIDM -Montreal International Documentary Festival, Canada*

2017_ [ff] Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali, Colombia

2017_ [ff] DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, S.-Korea*

2017_ [ff] Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia

2017_ [ff] Pacific Meridian Vladivostok Film Festival, Russia

2017_ [ff] Etats Généraux du Documentaire, France

2017_ [fs] Image Forum, Japan

2017_ [ff] Lima Independiente Festival Internacional de Cine, Peru

2017_ [ff] DocuTIFF- Tirana IDFF, Albania*

2017_ [ff] Documentamadrid, Spain*

2017_ [ff] IFFR -International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands

2014_ [ff] Ethnocineca, Weltmuseum Wien, Austria

2013_ [ff] Gijon International Film Festival, Spain

2013_ [af] Temps D'Images, Portugal*

2013_ [ff] Arqfilmfest Santiago de Chile, Chile*

2013_ [ff] Arquiteturas Lisboa Film Festival, Portugal

2013_ [ff] Ostend Film Festival, Belgium*

2013_ [ff] Jeonju International Film Festival, S.-Korea

2013_ [ff] Planete+ Doc Film Festival, Poland

2013_ [ff] Budapest Architecture Film Days, Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, Hungary

2012_ [ff] Brussels Art Film Festival, Belgium**

2012_ [ff] Jean Rouch International Film Festival, Musée de l’Homme Paris, France*

2012_ [ff] CPH:DOX, Denmark

2010_ [ff] Jean Rouch International Film Festival, Musée de l’Homme Paris, France*

2010_ [af] International Arts Festival Europalia-China, Belgium

2009_ [ff] Chongqing Independent Film Festival, China

2009_ [ff] Kharkiv International Rights Film Festival, Ukraine

2009_ [ff] Belo Horizonte International Documentary Film Festival, Brazil*  

2009_ [ff] Asiaticafilmmediale, Italy

2009_ [ff] Lyon Asian Film Festival, France

2008_ [fs] Bozar -Centre for Fine Arts Brussels, Belgium

2008_ [fs] VRT/CANVAS, Belgium
2003_ [ge] [sonic]square #7, Kaaitheater Brussels, Belgium
2003_ [af] Junge Hunde Festival, Monty Arts Center Antwerp, Belgium
2002_ [af] Zaplap, Cinema Nova Brussels & Motorschiff Stubnitz Bruges, Belgium
2001_ [ff] Ghent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival, Belgium
2000_ [se] Great Buddha, Luka School of Arts Brussels Library, Belgium



2019_ Grand Prize at Image Forum Festival Japan

2019_ Special Mention Award at Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival

2019_ shortlisted Found Footage Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam

2019_ Garra de Oso Award & Pluma de Pavo Real Award at Festival Cine Animal Bogota 

2018_ Best Silent Film at Festival Internacional de Cine Silente

2015/2014/2013/2011/2010/2008/2007_ Project Grant, The Flanders Audiovisual Fund

2012_ Best Film at Brussels Art Film Festival

2012_ Film Fellowship Grant, The Japan Foundation

2011/2007_ Slate Funding, Media Development Program of the E.U


"Night Horse embraces the relics of digital breakdown to build a new lyricism"

_Senses of Cinema -The Unspeakable finds Voice: The 48th International Film Festival Rotterdam by Dirk de Bruyn,

"Despite all the visual distress, the white noise that permeates Night Horse only grows ever more entrancing, drawing audiences deeper and deeper into its bizarre and startling world." 
_Singapore Film News Portal -Staff Picks: SeaShorts Film Festival 2020 by Sinema

“All the unease, entrapment, sense of the inhumane and the impersonal are real in the film, 

but it might as well be a nightmare.“  (Night Horse)

_Sindie -SeaShorts 2020 Film Festival: Space In Between by Timothy Ong

“La realidad mítica y técnica que Night Horse rescata se asemeja a un poema reciclado que, en lugar de buscar lo voayeurista de lo registrado de manera involuntaria, se digna a seguir los pasos de un cine de la contemplación y la espera.”

_Cinesinfin -Night Horse (2019) by Borja Castillejo Calvo

"Ритмичное появление точек на экране, постепенно закрывающих лицо жертвы ли, преступника ли, действовали как метроном гипнотизера."  (The Execution)

_Лабиринты кино-Japanese Films at the 18th Pacific Meridian Vladivostok Film Festival by Olga Sumarokova

"The kind of visual, implicit documentary that defies storytelling dogmas."  (Dream Box)

_Modern Times Review -Dream Box by Dr. Willemien Sanders

"Mysterious and devoid of context. Protagonists are shown in distress. The cute animals have become superfluous."

_Cinetalk -RIDM 2017: Dream Box (Belgium, 2017) by Sandro Forte 

“Un film à l’écriture Brechtienne, dont le tragique s’agence de manière à forcer un examen de conscience collectif sur notre rapport à la vie et à la nature.”  (Dream Box)

_Le spectateur animal by Pastille Varda

“We can hear a very precise articulation of this un-cosy feeling amidst ruined modern buildings in the very sensitive and inspiring documentary Silent Visitors.”

_Rowman & Littlefield International Publisher -Reviewing the Past. The Presence of Ruins

by Dr. Zoltán Somhegyi