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At a building in the midst of mysterious Japanese woods, a delivery of cats and dogs takes place. Some of them just seem to be killing time, others enter the Dream Box.

director:  Jeroen Van der Stock
photography:  Xavier Van D'huynslager

assistant camera: Ken Ikeda

editing: Bram Van Paesschen

sound design: Boris Debackere

producer: Steven Dhoedt

2017, 42', digital video, colour
supported by:  Flanders Audiovisual Fund – VAF


IFFR 2017, World Premiere (Netherlands, January 2017)

Documentamadrid (Spain, 2017, in competition)

DocuTIFF - Tirana IDFF (Albania, 2017, in competition)

Lima Independiente Festival Internacional de Cine (Peru, 2017)

Image Forum (Japan, 2017)

Etats Généraux du Documentaire (France, 2017)

Pacific Meridian Film Festival Vladivostok (Russia, 2017)

Matsalu Nature Film Festival (Estonia, 2017)

DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (South Korea, 2017, in competition)

Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali (Colombia, 2017)

RIDM - Montreal International Documentary Festival (Canada, 2017, in competition)

FriCine - Nova Friburgo (Brazil, 2017, in competition)

Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (Indonesia, 2017)

Festival Film Dokumenter (Indonesia, 2017)

La Fabrique culturelle - Télé-Québec (Canada, 2018)

Les inattendus, Chromatique Lyon (France, 2018)

Festival Internacional de Cine Silente (Mexico, 2018, in competition)

->Award for Best Silent Film

International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec (Canada, 2018)

Ethnocineca, Weltmuseum Wien (Austria, 2018, in competition ISA)

Festival Internacional de Cine Ambiental (Argentina, 2018)

Festiwol (Belgium, 2018)

FINCA traveling exhibitions (Argentina, 2018)

Tënk svod (France/Belgium/Luxembourg/Switzerland, 2018)

IFFR Unleashed vod (Global)

Festival Cine Animal Bogota (Colombia, 2019, in competition)

->Award "Garra de Oso-Largometraje"

->Award "Pluma de Pavo Real-Largometraje" 

Images de Justice Film Festival (France, 2020, in competition),...


Hooikaai 17

1000 Brussels, Belgium

+32 (0)2 361 51 65

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