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A horse in different shapes, obscurity, digital artefacts and an electroacoustic soundscape are the main travelers on an abstract journey through the night.

--A short film entirely based on footage from unsecured live surveillance cameras--

A Misantropoville production

director, producer: Jeroen Van der Stock

editor: Bram Van Paesschen

composer: Eliane Radigue

digital video, B&W+colour, 2019, 18'30"


IFFR 2019, World Premiere (Netherlands, January 2019)

(nominated Found Footage Award)

Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay (Uruguay, 2019)

Jeonju International Film Festival (South Korea, 2019)

European Film Festival Palić (Serbia, 2019)

Split International Festival of New Film (Croatia, 2019, in competition)

Image Forum Festival (Japan, 2019, in competition)

->Award for Best Film / Grand Prize

Istanbul International Experimental FF (Turkey, 2019, in competition)

->Special Mention Award

Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival (Germany, 2019)

UnderTheCounterCulture, tactileBOSCH Cardiff (UK, 2019)

Alternative Film/ Video Festival (Serbia, 2019, in competition)

Nomadica, Spazio Menomale Bologna (Italy, 2020)

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Louvre auditorium (France, 2020)

Muestra de Cine Experimental y de Animación (Puerto Rico, 2020)

Istanbul Experimental Screening Room (Turkey, 2020)

The Globe International Silent Film Festival (USA, 2020, in competition)

Centre for Experimental Film Beijing (China, 2020)

SeaShorts Film Festival (Malaysia, 2020)

Lima Alterna Festival Internacional de Cine (Peru, 2020, in competition)

Pantallo Rota / Broken Screen exhibitions (Argentina, 2020)

Minikino Film Week (Indonesia, 2020)

Slow Film Festival (UK, 2020, in competition)

Non-syntax Exp. Image Festival, CALM & PUNK Gallery Tokyo (Japan, 2021)

INSOMNIA by Pylon-Lab at Tick Tack Gallery Antwerp (Germany / Belgium, 2021)

Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, (Russia, 2021)

Non-syntax, BnA Alter Museum Kyoto + WSUG Fukuoka (Japan, 2021)

Wathann Film Festival (Myanmar, 2021)

Slow Forward #4 - Image Forum II / Indeks (Indonesia, 2022)

WYSIWYG, Filmhuis Den Haag (Netherlands, 2022),,...

Grand Prize Image Forum jury comments:

"Surprising audio-visual art at its best possible unthinkable way that lives a long lasting impression in our mind." (Fransiska Prihadi)

"A work that doesn’t use special techniques or new forms of expression, but whose images and sensations nevertheless grab hold of you. Sections with dropped frames stimulate the viewer’s imagination, and offer a very odd experience in which it is as though something not burned onto film makes it all the way into your body." (Tabaimo)


(Fransiska Prihadi)




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