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Stone is a short film entirely based on 15 chemically treated film stills from the remake film Diabolique, featuring Sharon Stone. It is an abstract remake of the remake of the original thriller Les Diaboliques.

A Misantropoville production

by Jeroen Van der Stock

original music by Reinier van Houdt

digital video, colour, 2020, 6'06"


IFFR 2020, World Premiere (Netherlands, January 2020)

DOBRA- Festival Internacional de Cinema Experimental (Brazil, 2020)

Lima Alterna Festival Internacional de Cine (Peru, 2020)

Obskuur Ghent Film Festival, Alfred Sküll Art Gallery (Belgium, 2020)

Engauge Experimental Film Festival (USA, 2020)

New Chitose Airport Int'l Animation Festival (Japan, 2020, in competition)

ICONA Animation Film Festival (Greece, 2020, in competition)

Beijing International Short Film Festival (China, 2020)

Festival Internacional de Cinema de Itabaiana, (Brazil, 2020, in competition)

ABIFF- Animation Bucharest International Film Festival (Romania, 2021)

Minikino Film Week (Indonesia, 2021)

Athens Digital Arts Festival (Greece, 2021)

Kino pleme - Live Soundtrack / Experimental Superstars (Serbia, 2021)

Future Vision Festival (Japan, 2021)

GutterBliss Film Festival (USA, 2022),…



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