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When the state of Georgia proceeds with the court-ordered execution of Ivon Ray Stanley, a correctional officer provides a step-by-step account of his death.

A Misantropoville production

by Jeroen Van der Stock

digital video, B&W, 2019, 14'30"


DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, World Premiere

(South Korea, September 2019, in competition)

Corto Dorico- Amnesty International.”Short on Rights” (Italy, 2019, in competition)

Experiments in Cinema v15.1 (USA, 2020)

Ethnocineca, Weltmuseum Wien (Austria, 2020)

Liberation Docfest Bangladesh (Bangladesh, 2020)

Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival (Ukraine, 2020)

Pantallo Rota / Broken Screen exhibitions (Argentina, 2020)

Videoex Experimental Film and Video Festival (Switzerland, 2020, in competition)

Pacific Meridian Vladivostok Film Festival (Russia, 2020)

Message to Man International Film Festival (Russia, 2020, in competition)

Jean Rouch International Film Festival (France, 2020, in competition)

ICONA Animation Film Festival (Greece, 2020, in competition)

Interface Video Art Festival (Croatia, 2020)

Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Germany, 2021, in competition)

Brussels Independent Film Festival (Belgium, 2021)

IMPACTE! Human Rights Film Festival of Catalonia (Spain, 2021)

Sole Luna Doc Film Festival (Italy, 2021, in competition)

Minikino Film Week (Indonesia, 2021, in competition)

Rising of Lusitania -AnimaDoc Film Festival (Poland, 2021, in competition)

Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival (Turkey, 2021, in competition)

Festival Coupe Circuit (Belgium, 2022, in competition)

->Special Mention Award

"Mention Spéciale au film THE EXECUTION pour les trois valeurs (Emotion, Singularité, Engagement) et la force polarisante des réactions qu’il a engendré."

Festival Amnesty International Au Cinéma pour les Droits Humains (France, 2023),..,



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