Fang Xu Shi lives with many other immigrants around the film sets of Hengdian in Southern China, relying on the ongoing productions to hire him temporarily as an extra. He reflects on his life and, more particularly, on his past and his relationship with his father in this universal story of human philosophy and survival.




    director:  Jeroen Van der Stock
    photography:  Emmanuel Gras

    sound: Marijn Thijs
    editing:  Bram Van Paesschen
    producer:  Bart Van Langendonck

    2008, 57', digital video, colour
    supported by:  Flanders Audiovisual Fund - VAF, Media Development program of the EU,, VRT/ CANVAS


    Festivals/ broadcasts/ awards
    VRT/ CANVAS (Belgium 2008)

    Bozar Brussels (Belgium 2008)

    Asian Film Festival Lyon (France, 2009)
    Asiaticafilmmediale Rome (Italy, 2009)
    Documentary Film Festival Belo Horizonte (Brazil, 2009, in competition)
    Chongqing Independent Film Festival (China, 2009)
    International Arts Festival Europalia-China (Belgium, 2010)
    Jean Rouch International Film Festival (France, 2010, in competition),...

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    Savage Film bvba

    Opzichterstraat 70/7

    1080 Brussels, Belgium

    +32 (0)2 711 42 91




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